Fotografi të Hillary Clinton që nuk i keni parë kurrë

Hillary Clinton është një fytyrë publike që ka ndarë Amerikën ndoshta më shumë se çdo politikan tjetër, e këtë e ka bërë që 24 vite që kur bashkëshorti i saj u zgjodh president.

Edhe pse nuk ia doli që të zgjidhej presidente ajo ka jetuar në Shtëpinë e Bardhe për tetë vite si Zonjë e Parë.

E askush nuk ka kaluar më shumë kohë me Hillary gjatë qëndrimin të saj në këtë shtëpi se sa fotografi i tyre Robert McNeely.

Më poshtë ju sjellim disa fotografi të kësaj kohe që janë publikuar së fundmi.

Only a handful of people spent as many hours in close proximity to the Clintons as Robert McNeely, who spent six years with the family as the White House photographer

Family: Chelsea smiles as her mother wearing dark sunglasses hugs her husband in the White House Diplomatic Reception Room 

Another showed Clinton's clear enjoyment of the celebrity glamour that comes with the first lady role. In the photo, she is being touched up for a shoot with Elle magazine in 1993

Hillary Clinton shows her playful side with Chief of Staff Mack McLarty. Taken in the first few days of the Clinton presidency, this photo represents the high spirits and hopes of the early months, February 16, 1993

Returning to the White House with Chelsea Clinton through the Diplomatic Reception Room, July 13, 1998. The book contains the black and white photos that he developed in the dark room of the White House basement, and that chronicle the lives of Bill, Hillary, and their daughter Chelsea

Greeding President Clinton with Chelsea after his surgery for a knee injury at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, March 14, 1997

Showing off a new hat to an off-camera Bill and Chelsea Clinton in the guest quarters of the Kremlin, Moscow, January 14, 1994

The first couple at the state dinner in the White House for Chinese President Jiang Zemin, October 29, 1997

A stop during Hillary Clinton's senate campaign, summer 2000. This photo also broke a 200 year precedent of a First Lady holding a political position while her husband remained in the White House 

A moment of levity between Hillary Clinton and vice-president Al Gore (at right) in the Oval Office, as President Clinton speaks with aides in 1994 

Hillary Clinton rearranging Christmas decorations during one of the many Christmases celebrated in the White House

Another photograph shows her relaxing with the Blairs, and Cherie Blair is kicking off her shoes, somewhat to the surprise of the Clintons

One of the most telling photos in the bunch  was taken in 1997 and shows the first lady at the Secret Service firing range in Beltsville, Maryland. A trainer steadies her shoulder as she fires the sniper rifle at a target. You can just make out the haze of an exploding glass bottle at the other end of the range